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When you are battling with one or more psychiatric concerns, one of your biggest hurdles can be to retain your sense of self. This can cause you to doubt your abilities and distrust your own thoughts. The impact of this can be very daunting and overwhelming. At Integrated Premier Group Specialty in Tempe, AZ near the Phoenix Metro Area, we understand what you are experiencing and are ready to help. With the right care, you can go beyond the challenges you are currently experiencing and reconnect with the best version of yourself.

We seek to accomplish this by providing psychiatric care services that approach the issue from many different angles at once. While finding your diagnosis and setting up a treatment plan, our team of professionals remembers that you are more than the sum of your symptoms. We create a complete treatment plan that introduces holistic mental, physical and emotional health components to ensure you’re getting the support you need in every aspect of your life. This is crucial with diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s and depression, disorders that can cause a decline in physical health and social health, and mental health. We ensure you have much-needed and much-deserved responsibility when it comes to pursuing your recovery and building the life you want to live.



Psychotherapy, often referred to as “talk therapy,” can help improve a patient’s well-being by examining his or her feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Psychotherapy treats a wide range of conditions such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and mental health disorders caused by traumatic life events like the loss of a loved one or witnessing a tragic event (PTSD).

This is often a crucial touchstone for those seeking a sense of normalcy after dealing with a sudden or severe turn of events within their personal lives. We ensure you’re getting the best care by providing patients with access to experienced, trauma-informed practitioners who know how to approach a wide variety of difficult subjects with a range of subjects in a way that’s gentle and supportive but also effective.

The goal of psychotherapy or counseling sessions in Tempe and Phoenix, AZ is to help our patients maintain their quality of life in the face of trauma, mental illness, and other challenges they face throughout their everyday lives. As is the case with our psychiatric care opportunities, we seek to help our patients by providing them with ways to manage their lives on several different levels, including physically, mentally, and socially, in addition to the emotional support, they receive during sessions.

If you or a loved one contend with trauma or a mental disorder that makes it hard to pursue the life you want to live, contact IPGS to learn more about our in-office psychiatric care, mental health care, and psychotherapy and counseling in Tempe, AZ. We’re here to help you not simply treat the symptoms you’ve been experiencing but to help you build a better sense of self from the ground up by pointing you in a new direction in regards to your physical care, social practices, mental care, and many more aspects of your day to day life.

Compassionate and understanding staff members are here to answer any questions you may have about our diagnostic and mental health treatment processes so you can enter into your treatment plan or counseling session with complete peace of mind. We’re here to help you be and feel your best with holistic methods that set you on the road to recovery and success.


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