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You’ve heard of the mind-body connection, but what does that term mean, and what does that look like when practically applied? Integrated Premier Group Specialty (IPGS) in Tempe, Arizona and serving the Greater Phoenix Area believes integrated healthcare is the answer. A multidisciplinary approach to psychotherapy counseling in Tempe, AZ, psychiatric services, and medical healthcare for those struggling with mental health issues yields encouraging results. 





Psychotherapy is commonly known as talk therapy. It is a way for individuals that are dealing with a broad range of emotional issues, mental health conditions and/or other life stressors to overcome these challenges and find peace in everyday life.

Ultimately, everyone struggles and goes through hard times during their lives. Some people experience more relative pain than others, and some get stuck. Getting stuck can look like a distorted lens through which one views the world. Here are a couple of examples:<

  • Someone subconsciously seeks out and exclusively identifies a negative interpretation of daily life events.
  • Someone views people and events as all-good or all-bad (black and white thinking); they struggle with the nuance and “the gray” in life.
  • Someone may catastrophize by automatically thinking of the worst-case scenario for every event and excessively worrying about things over which they have no control.
  • Someone may be in an unhealthy situation, but minimize their experience, pain, or lack of safety.

When the brain repeats the same thought patterns repeatedly, especially when they are connected to previous life experiences and emotions, they can get stuck in that thought pattern. People who spend time working with a licensed psychologist exploring how that distorted thought came to be, recognizing the pattern, and identifying the things that trigger the distorted thinking can often change those negative thought patterns.


Think of your brain as a beautiful forest. It is its own ecosystem, full of life and activity from all of its inhabitants. Your thoughts are similar to a trail through the forest of your brain. When you walk the same path repeatedly, you eventually create a trail that becomes well-worn over time.

For that path to disappear, you must not walk it anymore, which can be difficult, especially when your only other option is to create a new path. A new path is created by establishing new thought patterns and ways that support your new thought process: this is neuroplasticity. Like creating any new path through a forest, this takes time. But the brilliance of the mind is that change can and does occur with intention and the challenging but rewarding work of psychotherapy near you in Tempe, AZ and throughout the Greater Phoenix Area.


Studies find that psychotherapy and psychiatry care, when integrated with traditional medical care, yield favorable results. At IPGS, we provide integrative psychotherapy services in Tempe, Arizona and throughout the Valley. We utilize an integrated approach that incorporates psychotherapy, psychiatric medicine (for those who have chemical imbalances in addition to cognitive distortions), and medical healthcare to address the whole person: mind-body-emotion. Find out more about how IPGS can support you or call us at (480) 718-0568 to schedule an appointment!

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